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When it comes to speedily selling your furniture, the web reigns supreme. But selling furniture online is a daunting task, considering customers are not able to see them for real. That’s why photos come in handy when selling furniture online. But, it’s not just about taking photos. You need to invest in a digital camera and know the rules of taking great quality photos to be successful in the business of selling photos online. If you don’t know the rules of taking great photos to sell furniture online, read on:

· Take advantage of natural lighting when taking photos to sell furniture



Natural lighting is the best source of light when taking photos. Photos taken using natural lighting show bright, sharp colors and helps bring out the furniture’s natural tones way better than artificial lighting. Remember that customers expect to receive exactly what they saw on your photos. So you should not try to manipulate its natural look using artificial lighting. The best time of the day to take furniture pictures is in the morning and early evening. The midday light is so sharp that it can introduce sharp shadows that could make it difficult for customers to see the details of the furniture.

· Give the photos context before you list and sell furniture online

We’ve seen that taking furniture photos in a natural setting goes a long way towards helping buyers get a sense of scale. It also helps customers visualize the furniture in their living room or bedroom. To achieve this, at all times keep the camera level with the furniture you’re snapping.

· Give every detail to help sell furniture quickly

The customer is more likely to buy your furniture when you show him all the details of the photo. Don’t try to hide anything to avoid the back-and-forth with the customer. The trick is to take photos of your furniture from all angles, including the front, sides, and back. Also, show other details of the furniture like joints, fabric prints, surfaces, and knobs. Showing every aspect of your photo will reduce the possibilities of a customer not getting satisfied with what they got. It also reduces cases of returns and negative feedback from customers, which could ruin the reputation of your online business.

·Clean up before you post the photos to sell furniture online

After taking the photos of furniture you want to sell online, don’t upload them online yet. You have to clean them up to get rid of anything that looks off. Use photo editing software to do this. Photo editing software can clean up your photos without interfering with the natural look of your furniture. Remember that the new kind of customers knows a lot about photography and will spot a mediocre photo from afar. And in this day and age, a less professional photo can’t be looked at. In fact, customers will construe such photos as lack of professionalism, and nobody wants to buy from an unprofessional individual.

· Include any damage in your photo description before you sell your furniture

The adage ‘’ honesty is the best policy’’ is true in the business of selling furniture online. There is nothing as bad as a customer receiving furniture and finding out that it has visible scratches that cannot be eliminated. That’s bad for business, and it can ruin your business reputation quickly. To avoid this, make sure you include any fault in the description if you cannot highlight it on the photo.


While artificial lighting can make a photo pop, it’s not good when selling furniture and other products online. Artificial lighting tends to hide the natural characteristics of the furniture, which explains why some customers complain that what they saw on the photo is completely different to what they received. So always stick to natural lighting.

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